For Managers/Analysts

Innovative features…

Discover a new angle on your portfolio

with unprecedented visualizations

Reinforce the management process and mitigate cognitive biases.

with dedicated algorithms (automated screening, monitoring…)

Save time

with automated reportings and sharing with relevant teams, sales…

…gathered in a unified and dedicated platform

Find quickly this graph you found useful a while ago…

with our tailored data indexation, on a platform safe from spam.

Discover curated content relevant to your investment case

thanks to contextualized contents and multi-faceted newsfeeds

Your “digital memory” on the cloud

available everywhere, at any time

For team leaders / CIO

Keep in touch with the team and go further than the periodic meeting

Realtime newsfeeds are available

Drive research activity thanks to advanced visualizations

Discover the focus of your teams and avoid blind spots

Improve synergies within the organization

with tangible results: more than 60% views on a document are generated by other team members

For the compliance / middle-office

Get “in-house” data

On your research providers, their impact on investment decisions. Detailed Mifid 2 reports are available.

Discover our automated reportings (mifid, brokers, coverage, order justification…)

time-saving for you as well as managers!

Secured infrastructure

Each client benefits from a private and dedicated Cloud. Transmissions and storage are encrypted.

For the sales/marketing

Discover the latest news and convictions

shared by the managers

Marketing materials are centralized and explorable

thanks to a unified and cross-company platform

For your customers

Highlight a reinforced investment process with a dedicated “front office” tool

Innovative visualizations and algorithms support your team’s work

Demonstrate your drive to value teamwork

with a specialized collaborative cloud, with tangible results

Enrich your clients information with in-house data

And easily comply with MIF2/compliance goals on research management.

Take the step to the new generation “asset management” cloud

Our motto? “Empower active asset managers”: build tools and innovate for active asset managers.

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